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The capacity for all activities is limited to 4 people.

Coffee/tea, snacks and transportation is included in the price.

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december - april

  • A 2 hours dog sled ride to get real sensation with Greenlandic Huskies
    2 hr
    1,695 Danish kroner
  • Discover the real fisherman life and stay overnight in the Icefjord.
    1 hr
    15,995 Danish kroner
  • A 4 hours dog sled ride to get real sensation with Greenlandic Huskies
    4 hr
    2,995 Danish kroner
  • Spend a day in Ilulissat as a real fisherman.
    24 hr
    8,495 Danish kroner
  • Full day trip with snowmobile + dog sledding trip to Aattartu
    12 hr
    7,500 Danish kroner

Ilulissat in WINTER

Ilulissat might be even better in the winter. For one, there are less tourists. For another, there are definitely no mosquitoes or other tiny critters. The stunning silence of a thick snowy terrain, speckled by a few howls of the Greenlandic dog, is an experience everyone should try at least once in their lives. In the earlier centuries, too much ice in the sea made it risky to sail near Greenland when temperatures dropped. Planes have enabled travel during this formerly inaccessible time.

On your way for a unique and tailor-made experience

local expert

Born and raised in Ilulissat, Jan is an expert on the region and will show you places off the beaten track and memorable memories

fair prices

Prices are fair and negotiated directly, without intermediaries,

to local actors

(fishermen, hunters). 


In love with Greenland, Jan is commited to show you his culture through real local experiences. 


Jan is willing to make the best experience for you, and so to adapt to your special demands

or needs.

Our boat is an open boat
with a maximum capacity
of 10 passengers.


Meet Jan


I'm happy to meet you! 

Born and raised in Ilulissat, I have started my own small travel agency 1 year ago. 

My goal is to promote local cultures and agents, and I think that the best way to discover the beautiful area of Ilulissat is with local people.

I don't propose activities, but experiences. 

From 2 hours to 3 days,

I arrange tour with local hunters, fishermen

with possible overnight in the Ice Fjord.